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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Will there be a sequel to The Veredor Chronicles?

I started to write about the journey of one of the main characters after the end of The Gate and Beyond. This book has been on the shelf for quite some time. Hopefully I will get back to working on this novel soon.

Will your novels be available as audio books?

I do plan to make some audio books available in the future.

Are you an indie author?

Yes. I chose to take the independent path. I haven’t sent a draft manuscript to a traditional publishing company and I never intend to. I like to be independent, and I have complete creative control over my work. The sales results up until now have proven to me that this was the right decision. My novels have also been near the top of several important charts. In March 2014 The Journey West reached 13th on the iBooks USA Scifi/Fantasy chart and 7th on the same chart in the UK. The Gate and Beyond had similar success.  Both of these books have also been on the top 100 Amazon Australia and UK epic fantasy lists. The Sword of Light at one time was ranked 7th overall for all books on the iBooks USA store. 

I mostly work alone with the assistance of some dedicated supporters who help to edit and proofread my books. I also promote my books through various online channels and affiliates.

For more information about ebook statistics visit www.vearsa.com

Do you recommend indie publishing?

Absolutely! I use and recommend Draft2Digital and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Will there be a sequel to Kaloren?

I definitely plan to write a sequel to Kaloren in the future. Kaloren was my first completed novel, and the first draft was written back in 1996 which was long before I started writing The Veredor Chronicles.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia.

What inspires you to write?

Much of what I write takes inspiration from my own personal experiences. For example, some of The Journey West and The Gate and Beyond was written whilst I spent months travelling and backpacking the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cape York. Many of the camping scenes in my books (including Kaloren) are inspired by real camping experiences of sitting beside campfires on cool wintry evenings, often with a guitar in hand and certainly good company, and perhaps a bottle of rum to share. Writing whilst camping and trekking was challenging, but such experiences were always a good source of inspiration. I love to watch the sparks of the campfire fly up into the cool dark sky as the moon rises to light up the darkened landscape. Perhaps you also understand the joy of such experiences.

Regarding the use of British English

It’s difficult to publish an ebook in American English and British English because of the worldwide nature of ebook publishing and distribution. I use a mixture of British and Australian English which includes the use of single quotation marks for dialogue and word differences like honour instead of honor.


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